Hash Trash from 2001

Back in the apprently dark days when they decided to keep track of trail numbers separate from trail information on the list.  Also when the scribe wrote the hash trash for more than one kennel and posted them all to the same mailing list (and scribes from other lists did the same).  These may be all the existing hash trashes from 2001 that could be retrieved from our mailing list archives.

Fri, 27 April 2001:

The first evening hash of the year was well attended by PVH3. (No Hardfarts

BlowMyPipes, MasterNator, MadameFlutterby, CaniusLickus, CameOnVacation, HandJob?, and 2 NFN friends arrived early enough to receive the chalktalk
from the hare, Drippi. After the hare left, 3 newcummers arrived — Sphinctercicle,
CarryMeLikeA6Pack, and virgin Kim. (Sphincter is new the area and will continue to join us, 6Pack and Kim work in DE, but were home for the weekend (Queens, NY)).

The trail went up into the woods, down along a power line (with a great view of the area), and through a swampy wetland before returning to the start. Sphincter brought his own method of hashing to the group — running hard and short-cutting everywhere.
He, and those who followed him (about half the pack), missed the beer check) and came in about 10 minutes early.

The circle lasted till after dark — much singing and rejoicing and drinking for all the virgins, visitors, and each other. BMP remains the guardian of the Hashsh*t… why??? … who knows??… my brain was in a fog by then…

After RELIGION, the hare provided a BBQ, so rejoicing and singing continued well into the night until the evening chill drove us inside. Someone carried in the cooler of beer so we sat in comfort (and warmth) till after midnite. Sphincter, 6Pack and Kim decided to sleep overnight (a smart choice) but had to get up at 0630 to head back. The morning came TOO soon, all of us taking aspirin and drinking coffee … (for some reason they weren’t hungry — just wanted to go to DuncanDonuts…)

Most of the PVH3 showed up for the Rafters 5-Miler on Sunday a.m…. We turned some heads with our T-Shirts and BMP was interviewed by a newspaper reporter — so
maybe we will get some press!!!??

Next hash is Thursday eve (3 May). Rumor has it will be at the Amherst High School, but stay posted for the official word from the hare, BMP. (and BMP, remember… I still have plenty of GennyCream so you shouldn’t have to get any.)


 #25 Thurs, 3 May 2001

Thurs, 180003May2001 – the summer evening hash series kicked off with HVH3’s 25th hash. Meeting place was Amherst High. BlowMyPipes, our hare (and still GM), led the hashers on a LONG trail which had roads, trails in the woods, shiggy, RR tracks, a nice beer check, more shiggy, woods, etc, (and a very angry woman who lived next to the high school and didn’t like people cutting through her yard).

Hashers in attendance were MadameFlutterBy, Drippidick, MamasLittleDoucheBag, CainusLickus, Handjob?, PipeBlower, a virgin Manda, and CameOnVacation (who came late).

By the time the last hasher finished the trail (an A to A), it was getting dark, but we had to wait for BMP to find PipeBlower who was dead on trail. FB had to leave early (supposedly had a final exam) and he took the virgin with him because she had locked herself out
of her car and needed a ride home….. (ok…. ) Eventually we migrated to MLDB’s place (because it was closest and we were thirsty) for the CIRCLE. In the circle, BMP was voted to remain the guardian of the hashsh*t, but FB will probably get it next time (since
he didn’t cum to the circle and for overachieving on trail. Although the virgin was also not in the circle, it was noted that she had blood on trail and could shortcut as good as the best.
CoV was nominated for a new name. — the reason she came late was because she had to kill someone’s cat. “PussyKiller” was the obvious choice; but the circle
decided to consider other names during the next 2 weeks when our craniums are not so fogged up from the aroma and fumes of cheap beer. (What we need to do is
graphically describe various ways to kill a cat. The songs “Beastiality” and the “S&M Man” might help wstimulate the neurons…)

Overall, a GREAT trail and much rejoicing for our 25th hash. Next hash for HVH3 is in 2 weeks (17th) with FB to be the hare. Stay posted.


P.S. supposedly H4 is having a hash next week, but NO ONE CAME for this past weekend or this one, so we’re not sure if they even exist anymore…

 May 17 Hash Trash

The “Notch” is a great hash territory — multiple trails criss-cross the area, lots of shiggy and varied terrain (like butt-kicking, hands&knees-crawling hills).

Good turnout for the hash – BMP, MadameFlutterby (the hare), MLDB, HJ?, NFKim, DD, CoV, Cainus, NFN Manda, NFN Kari, and SphincterSicle drove all the way up from

The hare laid a live trail (and didn’t get caught). An early beer check slowed the pack (smart move), but was much appreciated after that butt-kicking hill.  Cainus missed the beer check for some reason…. ?  The last half-mile was up a steep grade on a road, and
crawling up a cliff and down a trail to the circle.

NFN Manda, a virgin at the last hash who left early, was properly welcomed to the hash. Cainus got the hashsh*t for missing the beercheck and shortcutting the final cliff. NFN Kari made the mistake of wearing a running shirt (that also said “Top 20 Finisher” —
ok, you can run, don’t rub it in…). And NFKim was renamed… her emails have been blasting us and when she went to Boston she made a point of tellin everyone
she got laid… so after a few good nominations, the circle decided on “NoHo Road Ho a.k.a. NFKim” .   (That one will be hard to abbreviate.)

After being reprimanded for drinking on State Property by a nice Park Ranger, we retired to the Ale House where much rejoicing continued into the night. Cov and Cainus ordered a huge plate of wings (the Ale house allows deliveries) which satisfied our appetite.

Next Thursday, the Hardfarts are hashing — stay posted for details.
The next Happy Valley hash will be the 31st — BMP said he will hare near/at his house. (AndCainusLickus will have a birthday on June 1st).


31 May HashTrash

Thanks to BlowMyPipes, the hare, the hashers saw parts of Northampton never seen before.
A good turnout on a beautiful evening — Mother’sLittleDoucheBag, CameonVacation, CainusLickus, HandJob?, NFNKari, NFNManda, et moi; and SphincterSicle, SwampThang, and YoungFlesh drove up from CT; plus 2 virgins – Jessie and Gabe (brothers) who showed they can run and get lost with the best of them.

The hash moved to a bar for the circle (no food, watered down beer, but they didn’t mind our antics…) MLDB deservedly inherited the Hashsh*t from Cainus –
for not bring “Heavy”, overachieving on trail, and general principle. NFNKari got named Who’sYourDaddy (ok, I know… but renaming is ALWAYS an option). The circle sang happy birthday to Cainus (he’s 37 today, June 1st); and farewelled BMP who will be absent for 6

After religion, the mismanagement discussed the RED DRESS RUN. We decided to offer to host it for all of New England in September (Sept 22d?) in Northampton. Details forthcumming.

Next hash is 7 June in downtown Hartford — a “First Thursday” — a big city block party. Should be an outstanding pub crawl by FecalTrail (so all you injured and nonrunners don’t have an excuse).

Next HVH3 hash is 14 June … CoV and Cainus said they wanna hare again.


June 14 hashtrash

for the record…

Cov and Cainus laid a great trail through the woods and fields near their abode… too bad the humidity and bugs were so thick. 2 Beer checks, the 2d one on a hilltop at sunset (and good beer too).

Good turn out — NoHoRoadHo, MLDB, HJ?, MrHanky, a virgin – NFNAndy, and a returning visitor – BigCajones were joined by 3 Hardfarts — Swampy, HighBush, and Garfield. and Flutterby showed at the end.

Next hash – 21 June by the Hardfarts, the following week might be on a Saturday, led by Flutterby.


Happy Valley Hash Trash #29

Sent to the list Monday, July 2, 2001

First off, please forward this to the Happy Valley group, I’m only a member of the Hartfart!

Happy Valley H3 29th!
Hare: Madame Flutterby
Start: Amherst Town Center
Start Time: 1700 (really 1730 it was a hash)
Weather (prior to start): Mostly Sh%tty, lighting, thunder, and mass quanties of rain.
Hares away: The Hash Gods smiled and the rain stopped….perfect hashing weather.
Pack: Sphincter Sicle, Canius Lickus, No Name Karri
Late Cummers: Young Flesh, Fecal Trail, No Name Colin
Trail: Since the pack was very small, the rain had washed away the last half of MF’s trail (whining), and by vote, an abreviated trail was run.
The trail took us on a one mile loop though the town center, visiting the old folks home in route (we think Drippi may have checked in since he wasn’t at the hash). Following the loop On-In was set at the Amherst Brewing Company.  Young Flesh felt the trail was too short, so she ran by us sitting on the patio drinking beers. Fecal Trail short cutted but managed to find the on-in. After the “on-in” the pack again voted to continue to the originally planned “on-in” by means of Auto Hashing.

All of us headed (who said) to our cars and followed MF to the U-Mass Atheletic Complex parking lot where a cirle was held.

Down Downs:
Hare: MF (average score 2.69 approx)
Virgins: No Name Kerri (“eric made her cum”)
No Name Colin (“he came on a GreyHound”)
Hashit: Since Doche Bagg wasn’t there, Young Flesh was the honorary
Hashit, since she was over achieving and ran by the “on-in”.
FRB/LBI: Sphincter Sicle, Young Flesh (Canius Lickus, and Fecal joined in since they were thirsty and hadn’t had a down down)
Three Hash songs were sang by all, led by MF:
Hash days of the Week
Yogi Bear
Swing Lo conclude the circle, and the pack departed for Rafters. At rafters fine food and beverages awaited. We alaweted (No Name Kerri), which the bartender and waiteresses found amusing so they bought us a pitcher of beer…..good bar in my book! Doche Bag met the hash at Rafters, and joined us for a couple of rounds. He had to work during the storm (or so he said)!

At about 2130 the feasting was done, and the hash finally ended. A good time was had by all!

The big question of the night: Does Happy Valley really have that many wanker “fair weather hashers”? Why were there more Hartfarts than Happy Valley Hashers? Why is Sphincter writing the Hash Trash?

Sphincter Sicle

7/12 hash trash

Well, .. Black Hole wanted a hash and NOHO Road Ho came thru as the hare, but he never showed.

HandJob?, DoucheBag et moi were the only hashers to appear. We debated whether to even do it, but since it was such a nice evening, and NHRH already laid trail, we enjoyed a beautiful evening jogging thru Smith College, the old mental hospital, and parts of
Florence never seen before.

We had a beer check in a bar that will PERFECT for the Red Dress Run (sorry, no one will know except us and the hares). (I talked to the barmaid, who gave me the name and number of the owner… she said they could handle 70-90 weirdos dressed in red dresses with no problem.)

After the hash we enjoyed the “environment” of NoHo nightlife by walking thru town and finding a place to eat and drink and participate in verbal intercourse. (had some great beer … -River Ale… )

Sorry we missed you all. It was a nice evening to be outside…

Till next week.


Hash Trash – 26 July


Location: Norwotock RailTrail Parking lot at Station Rd, Amherst, MA
Hashers: MF, BMP, CoV, Cainus, and virgins from Pittsfield – NFNJohn, NFN Theresa, NFN Monique, and NFN Kristie.
Hare: DD

Hare laid simple and short trail (A to B) through a loop on a the edge of a swamp, along a RR tracks, then on the Robert Frost trail and thru an upscale neighborhood, across a field to a beer check. Then more trail, roads, trail, and the On-In. Didn’t lose anyone, but had the FRB’s confused at times (how many YBF’s?).  In fact, all the virgins came in BEFORE the normal FRBs (except FB, who was sniffing along after one of them…)

In the circle, we Aluette’d all three virgin females. Violations also included a virgin with “new” shoes (and she was the one who didn’t drink); and NFN John who wanted to blast through the beer check (WAY OVER-ACHIEVING). MLDB didn’t show (again), so the
hash-sh*t still belongs to him (and probably will again, even when he shows, for NOT showing up)

On-after was at the Ale House where much rejoicing continued until late at night.

Next HVH3 hash is in 2 weeks. HJ? was sorely missed and was voted on for the next hare (maybe we’ll get a chance to end at her pool). If she can’ make it, MF volunteered (not the Notch again).

Hardfarts hash next Thursday is a “First Thursday” in Hartford. ‘Will be a GREAT Pub crawl.


9 Aug Hash Trash

Thanks to Handjob? for a “cool” ending for the hash. Her swimming pool was perfect for the weather we’ve been having. — and the food was great too!

So much for the good news… the trail had GREAT potential, but HJ? managed to lose all 9 of the hashers (including her roomie, Mr Hanky). Three beer checks were promised, but only the first one (inside a MAZE (now, that was neat)), was ever found. Thanks to
Cainus, we eventually found the end of the trail and were waiting for HJ? to return.

hashers that found the start point (the “standing stones” at the sound side of the fields adjoining the UMass football stadium) were Mr Hanky, BigCahones, CoV and Cainus, Flutterby, RoadHo, Swampy, Prescilla, et moi. Happy Birthday was sung to RoadHo (29?).

Info was discussed about the RedDress…. Looks like it will be a one day event in Worcester, same day (Sep 22)… MUCH more to be discussed…

next hash in Hartford is next thurs, followed by HVH3 on the 25th. details to be postd.


8/23/01 hashtrash

The lucky few who made it to the hash Thursday eve were treated to a GREAT trail (if I say so myself), laid by Mama’s Little Douche Bag. The dedicated hashers were MadameFlutterBy, NFN Sonny, Handjob?, Mr Hanky, CameOnVacation, Cainus Lickus, and NFN Kevin (a virgin).

MLDB started the trail out of Groff Park along the stream, then cut across some fields, through some tough shiggy, under power lines (and YES, the beer check was under the power lines), through a conservation trail, a school, a residential area, a
stream crossing (the first one in a LOONG time in HappyValley), an apartment complex, more streets and back to the park. Since it was getting dark, the hashers adjourned to Drippi’s for the circle and BBQ.

MLDB finally lost the hashsh**T award. Drippi got nominated because he got in front of Flutterby one too many times. (FB likes being the FRB and doesn’t like it when someone TWICE his age gets in front of him.)

Much rejoicing continued WELL into the night (I think I got to bed around 1:00 a.m.) until the beer was gone.

Due to the change in seasons, hashes will now be on weekends for the rest of the year. (But that is not to stop anyone from having one at night during the week — like for the full-moon or Halloween, or any other reason). So the next HVH3 hash will be the
weekend after Labor Day, probably on a Sunday afternoon from what the consensus seemed to be.

With our RA, BMP, returning next week, we should probably have a mismanagement meeting to finalize issues for the RDR … ??? — BMP – name the time and
place (Ale House on Tues eve at 7:00 p.m.??)

till next time.


#34.5 HVH3 hash trash – 23 Sept 01

BlowMyPipes hosted and hared the 34.5 hash of the HappyValley H3… and he will probably be suffering a hangover till Wed…
Fifteen (15) other hashers showed up to the hash — MadameFlutterby, Mama’sLittleDoucheBag, MasterNater, BigCahones, et moi represented the HVH3, but were outnumbered by the visitors and backsliders — SphincterScicle, Hawkeye, Anticock, PondScum, ComesAlone, Wintoes, and NFN John & NFN Ed; and two virgins, Ken and Margaret.

The trail was typical BMP — a few streets, but mostly in the woods, with plenty of off trail shiggy. The beer check was next to a little waterfall, and no one got lost. The only thing was, … it was a dead trail (which is not normal for BMP)….

The On-In Circle, back at BMP’s abode, lasted WELL over an hour. Led by our R.A., MF, we sang almost all the songs we knew, and a few we hadn’t heard before. The hashsh*t was passed from Drippi to BMP; #1 -because he laid a dead trail, and #2 -for a POOR
(horrible) impersonation of the Back Street Boys (more like the BackDoorBoys). BMP had cut his locks and bleached the remaining hair follicles on his cranium. (but BMP was feeling NO pain before the circle ever ended)

Entertainment continued until dark (and after? (don’t know… I left at dusk)) We went thru 2 30-packs of beer, a growler of really good stuff (thanks Cahones), and the remains of a keg (thanks MLDB) — BMP did naked fire-jumping, and MF brought out the HashBible
(songbook) and we sang both the male and female versions of Alluette, as well as many other songs, a few I never heard before.

All in all, it was a hash to remember. Those of you who missed it, missed a GREAT one.

If I’ve missed anything, I invite any others to please add to these comments.


Next weekend looks dead. No one hashing… anyone want to volunteer?
The next scheduled hash in the area is the first weekend in October with the Hardfarts.

 Oct 14 hashtrash

As usual, BMP laid a GREAT trail for the HVH3… only too bad — very few showed to enjoy it. Atkins Farm Market was overcrowded with typical weekenders going thru the pumpkins and autumn collections … the parking lot was overflowing, but the true hashers showed and found the hare (BMP a.k.a. back door boy) across the street waiting in his
signature kilt… due to the anthrax scare, BMP changed the hash marker to flour mixed with red carpenter’s chalk and all went well. initially, we worried that the red flour would
be hidden in all the fall foliage, but due to his expert trail laying, (along with T.P. for the really
bad shiggy), the hashers never got lost… but we did get misdirected a few times…
all in all, a great trail thru some wooded trails, shiggy, power lines, and thru Hampshire College… and a good beer check (with good beer — Tremont Summer

Madame Flutterby was the FRB, cutting trail and leading the rest of us. And he did it after a wild weekend hashing with Bahston H3 the night before. (he’s a hard-core hasher). and he had to leave to go to work, serving our country, protecting us from the radical diaper heads… Hawkeye showed up early and had to leave to go to work also.  CainusLickus and CameOnVacation rounded out the rest of the pack and, of course, brought their canines to help sniff out the trail.

After the circle (where BMP remained the honorable holder of the hash-sh*t), we retired to the Ale House for more beer and pizza. another hard-core hasher, CaJones, showed up at our food fest to give us support.

The next hash for HVH3 would normally be on the weekend of 27-28 Oct, but discussion led to having a HALLOWEEN hash on the 31st. — stay posted for this special event!

rumor has it that the hardfarts are recovering from their marathon and will host a hash next weekend – 20-21 Oct… stay posted for the details. I’ll be driving down for it, so if you want to car pool, let me know.


Halloweenie hashtrash

Too bad it was cloudy and wet for the Halloweenie hash this year, ’cause it was a special one for the lunar cycle — a blue moon (a 2d full moon in one month) and a full moon on Halloween, which only happens every 20 years or so.

Anyway, the clouds didn’t prevent the weirdos from showing up for the hash. Everyone (who hashed) was costumed. The best went to the mobile “Kissing Booth” (which was carried throughout the entire trail, shiggy and all); honorable mention would also go to the
toilet head (which has now become part of the hashsh*t).

BlowMyPipes and Flutterby laid a decent trail (that had all the hashers cussing at them, particularly when we went thru all the shiggy and wet grass) and the circle ended at a local dive bar where we met 2 other hashers in civilian clothes who wanted to parttake of
the festivities.

After being told to “shut up in there” by a drunk at the bar who wanted to watch the world series (get a life), we decided to find a nicer place where we could enjoy ourselves and eat. The hash moved to Packard’s, where we were ushered to the back room that we had
last year; and we continued our revelry and stuffed ourselves with good food.
This one will be hard to beat next year. Good trail and a wild time afterwards with dedicated hashers. (did anyone else has a hangover this morning? man, my
head hurt…)

next HVH3 hash is the RED DRESS RUN !!! in Wooosta on 10 Nov. The pre-lube starts around noon and the on-in is at a bar packed with college-aged kids looking to
hook up with someone. (too bad I’m old enough to be their dad).
rumor has it that the Hardfarts are having a hash this Sunday at the UConn Law School in Hartford….


New England Red Dress Run,  November 10

My ass is still sore. it had to be good.

although i kept my clothes on all night. it couldn’t have been that good. 🙂

Seriously, here’s my take.

Started drinking at 1200. Had three beers in me by the time we took off from Elm park at 1445 or so. Got a lot of looks and a few propositions that involved money and bending over backwards.

Trail went up behind Doherty HS, up Bancroft Hill to a YBF, down to the WPI football field were a game was in progress. Beer check was at the Baptist Church on the corner of Salisbury and Park. (the hares are going to hell for that one) I was told that the playground at the church afforded all kinds of silly photo ops. After 20 minutes or so at the beer check, the pack ran up to the girl scout convention on WPI campus, past the library, past the WPI police department, to Main St in downtown worcester. Past irish times pub, and then some back roads / crack neighborhoods of woosta to Leitrims.

The cricle was going great until Flutterby made the mistake of inviting the Boston hash into the circle as visitors. Then it became a mad vortex of singing, beer and silliness that sucked people in and threw them out drunker than before.

We drank at least 250 bucks in beer at Leitrims, danced like we were high on meth until about 2100 hrs, when the dwindled pack went ot the Irish Times for more entertainment.

Feel free ot add to this report, any who where there.

This is very brief and we had a metric assload of fun. It sucks ot be you
if you missed this. 🙂

On ON!!

Red Dress run Hash Trash – Boston Edition

Date: Saturday, November 10, 2001
Event: New England Red Dress Run
Start: Leitrim’s in Woosta
Beer Check: behind a church school, next to the playground
On-In: Leitrim’s in Woosta
Hares: Blow My Pipes and Madame Flutterby
Time: 2:00 p.m. HST
Total Distance: 6 miles??
Scribe: Cums Alone
Weather: around 50 degrees F, overcast

Who was there (I did the best I could with this … I don’t think I have people listed who weren’t there, but could have missed hashers or goofed on names):

Boston Hashers: Just Chris (hash 2), Deep Throat, Cream Whora, Cums Alone (me, the scribe), Friar Fuck, Funky Diva, Impo-Tent, Magically Delicious, Muffalotta, Palm Pilot, Pondscum, Prom Cream (from Phoenix, a relo), Shine On Harvard Moon, Snoreplay, So Ho (Just Liz got named by the Dublin H3), Spits & Swallows, Just Terry (4 or 5 hashes), The Fat One, WinToes 69.

Boston virgins: Just Mike (from Atlanta, buddy of Snoreplay), Just Laura (aka NOT Pondscum)

Happy Valley Hashers: Blow My Pipes, Hawkeye Fierce, Madame Flutterby, Mama’s Little Douche Bag, Big Kahunas, Nat Catcher, Hand Job, Just Maggie and Tommy, That’s Not My Hillfinger Hasher from somewhere in CT: Just Mary

Worcester Hashers (yes, there is a Worcester hash?): Black Hole, Just Kelly (from WPI)

Rhode Island Hashers: Basket Boom Boom, Oozing Syphilitic Dictaphone, Eveready and Baxter Groton Connecticut Hasher: Surfin Compusex

Sole Newport Hasher: Double Flush (but she says she is switching to Boston, she doesn’t live in RI)

What happened:

We arrived at Leitrims and commenced our pre-lube. I would give the award for best dressed to WinToes69 and Black Hole. The 2 of them looked ready to visit a formal tea. They were both well accessorized with berets. WinToes had red earrings and a red handbag, complimented by red lipstick. Black Hole had a suit-type dress. The two of them were most impeccable. Baxter was wearing some sleazy fru fru dress, but given that he is Basket Boom Boom’s 200-pound Saint Bernard, no one was critical. The rest of the pack
was similarly attired in red (I am not a fashion critic, you all looked simply marvelous).

A notable moment of the run was our run behind the stands at a WPI football game, with the expected catcalls. At the playground beer check, Palm Pilot mounted the tube slide, sitting on top of its Plexiglas dome. Shine On crawled into the slide and Palm Pilot depants himself. Shine On called other harriettes in to view the show.

As I have no real conception of Worcester, I have no idea where the trai lwent (it was a live trail, at that). Basket Boom Boom and Baxter were likewise confused, as they never arrived at the beer check, and were late arrivals back at Leitrims. The trail gets bonus points for attempting to run the pack over every hill in Worcester. Several other hashers got lost, which was cause for concern, as it was (a) getting dark and (b) we ran through a neighborhood that was better visited in daylight hours.

Blow My Pipes and Madame Flutterby were attempting to run the circle, in addition to being the hares. The pack abused them mightily for setting the usual sh*tty trail and gave them a down down.

Next it was time to abuse the virgins, each of whom had been given a banana to cherish at the start of the run. This had concerned Snoreplay, who had been falsely reassured by Blow My Pipes that Happy Valley had nothing nefarious in mind by this harmless custom. As Snoreplay had made Just Mike cum, he was told they would need to eat the banana together. Pondscum and her identical twin sister, Laura, likewise would partake of this strange custom. Then, in an unforeseen act of compassion, BMP decided that Snoreplay and Pondscum could switch partners for this act. As the bananas were quite soft, the display was rather messy. All were given a down down to wash down the gloppy fruit, and Just Mike and Just Laura are virgins no more.

FRB and DFLs were given a down down. Tommy It’s Not My Hillfinger, plus WinToes, Maggie and Hawkeye Fierce were among that group. You guess who was the FRB.

Boston visitors were given a down down, which put most of the hash into the circle. We did our down down and sang the Bestiality’s Best song. A new verse was added by Funky Diva … “drink the pee of a bee, boys”. Somehow, the song morphed into the Moose song.

All non-Boston hashers were given a down down, and sang the Wild West Show song.

Someone suggested that “Happy Valley” be renamed “Gay Valley”, but no one followed up on that one.

An Auto-hashing down down went to Funky Diva. Basket got a down down for missing the Beer Check. Oozing got one for something.

As it was the Marine Corps Birthday, Basket and Surfin Compusex were given a down down, along with Just Chris.

The quote of the day is “Does beer come out of it?” — Pondscum to Palm Pilot’s p*nis.

We did Hash Religion and, guess what? We ate pizza and drank beer. Then we commenced dancing and drinking beer … and amusing the locals in the bar with our pole antics. Palm Pilot managed to mount the thing upside down (with a little help). YHS somehow had a flashback to the Yellow Rose in Austin … then realized that I was attracting way too much attention, and stopped. No one got hurt, fortunately, and we didn’t get thrown out of the bar.

— Cums Alone, your humble scribe